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  • 24H Le Mans

    The 24H Le Mans collection traces the life story of one of the three most prestigious car racing in the world with the Grand Prix de Monaco, and the 500 miles of Indianapolis.

    The extinguishers of the 24H Le Mans collection are very design like this wonderful race.

    These extinguishers could ensure fire security for your car but also for your trendy house or your trendy apartment


    Young designer, Adrien Lemère underlines the sexy woman of the 50s throughout different colors.

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  • ABmotorART

    Born in the 50's in Le Mans, from a Le Mans generation for generations, Paul Baudoin (ABmotorART) has attended all the 24 hours races since 1957 to nowadays. Since his adolescence, the artist has put on paper the legendary cars of this event.

    After studying engineering, and a professional career that took him around the world, Paul Baudoin opened his studio to exhibit his work. All the projects that the artist has in memory and that he shares in his paintings are intended to be the reflection of scenes seen by a real eye and at the real time they took place.

  • AK LH

    Design and graphic editing studio created in Paris in 2008, AK-LH asserts itself as one of the most dynamic French brands in the world in the interior decoration area. 

    Between graphic design, paint and street art, his refreshing and eccentric style provokes every sense and gives a fresh and colored eye on the decorative art area. 


  • Apericube

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  • Atypeek

    Founded by Christophe Féray and Sarah Olivier, Atypeek Design is a multidisciplinary agency of graphic creation. The agency inaugurates different expression supports for design, as the edition, the creation of fonts (fonderie WC Fonts – distributeur T26), or the design of objects. 

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  • Banania

    During a trip in Nicaragua in 1912, Pierre Lardet discovers a village in the heart of the forest, a drink made of banana flour, cacao, cereals and sugar. When he returned to Paris, he decides to reproduce the recipe with a commercial purpose. He registers the brand BANANIA on the 31th of August 1914.

  • Betty Boop

    World icon of the Glamour, Betty Boop is the heroine of an American cartoon created by the Fleischer Studios between 1930 and 1931.

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  • Caroline Lisfranc

    Caroline Lisfranc likes to see, analyze, and smell the spirit of the moment. With a soft and playful spirit, she diverts everyday objects to make them ludic, surprising, and cozy. For her, only the message matters!

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  • Catsline

    It is the brand of the sensual and playful cat. You want to forget all of your troubles? You want some hugs? You want to do what you want? Add a bit of feline grace, elegance and cheerfulness in your daily life!

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  • Chupa Chups

    Chupa Chups, the international brand of lollipops with a strong personality and an emotional link with its consumers, has developed a licensing programme inspired by the way of life of the brand. 

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  • Dans Sa Tête

    Alicia and Rafael Alonso who are famous and awesome creators of “Dans sa tête edition” and specialists “in presents”, couldn’t imagine being at the head of such an empire when in this summer of 2009 she said to her brother: “He Raf! Let’s do something?”

  • DayCollection

    The design home textiles with a humorous note and some "trompe l’oeil". 

  • Dodo&Cath

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  • Dominique Vari

    Good things happen by design,
    not by chance...

  • Entre 2 Rétros

    Virginie Nantas lives in the car universe since she was a child. Her grandfather was supplier of machine components and her father was in charge of dressing tissues for seats. 

    After some experiences in the marketing services of big companies, Virginie decided to go into her own adventure.

    The meeting with Céleste Bouchayer is decisive. Céleste is a designer. She works for Hermès or Marie Claire, and she is very talented in drawing and associate materials and colors.

  • Fire design

    All the design creations of fire extinguishers of the brand Fire design.

  • Folardo

    This collection was created in collaboration with the graphic designer and illustrator Folardo.

    The Fire design being particularly appreciated and advised objects in the kitchen, the concept was to create fresh and colored models which will agree with the spirit of this room of the house.

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  • iD

    The iD brand wants to identify the carriers of ideas to encourage initiative, entrepreneurship and creation.

  • La Vache qui rit

    Icon of children, parents, and grandparents, La vache qui rit makes the happiness of young and old for more than 90 years. 

  • Les Coussins d'Emilie

    Once upon a time, somewhere in France, in Dijon, a young designer called Emilie Damas. Numerous ideas grew in her spirit without knowing what to do with all of that. While she was traveling the world, she falls crazy in love with the United Kingdom, and more specifically about the charms of the beautiful City of London. In this city, she also met her future partner, Gaëlle Galland who is passionate of fashion.  

  • Mark Wagner

    Born in 1976, Mark Wagner is an American artist and writer.

    His most recognized work are his collages, composed exclusively of American dollars. Wagner destroys every year hundreds of bills for his creations.

    He explores the intersection between power, value, wealth and
    American identity.

    Make Art part of your fire safety!

  • Moto GP tm & Moto gp Legends

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  • Paris Chéri

    Concept store with girly tendencies!

  • PEZ

    Created in 1927 in Austria, it is in the 50s that PEZ meets success in the United States.

    Today, the brand is sold in more than 80 countries with 5 trillion sweets consumed each year.

    PEZ is a very popular brand that also attracts collectors.

    Secure your home sweetly!

  • Pop&Lolli

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  • Popeye

    « The most famous sailor of the World »

    Since he was in the famous comic strip « Thimble Theater » Popeye the sailor has won the heart of millions of fans all around the world. At first, it was a secondary character, but Popeye became the star of the “Thimble Theater” in record time.

  • ROUTE 66

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  • Rubiks

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  • Smiley

    At first, there was the happiness…

    Smiley, the happier brand of all the time, has been founded by Franklin Loufrani in 1971 for journal section about making people happy. The use of the logo permitted to bring to light the good news and readers could see the good side of the life. I no time, Smiley became the most famous emblem of the world and today yet.  

  • The Rolling Stones

    The Rolling Stones is a British Rock Band, constituted in 1962.

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  • Tutti Confetti

    Tutti Confetti has been created by Marta Colomer, a Spanish designer.

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  • Upper & Co

    Creation, manufacturing, and marketing of functional accessories for customization, with an innovative character and it is a vector of identity. Making trendy and quotidian objects for man and woman now living and for those to come…

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  • Véronique Jacquart

    Illustration, Design textile, Pattern creation

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  • Willys

    The Willy MB, better known under the nickname of “Jeep”, is a light off-road vehicle created in 1940 and left the factory in 1941 on a contract notice of the US Army. 

  • World of Tanks (Wargaming)

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