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Sale of personalized fire extinguishers and extinguishing devices

Fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a device used to fight the fire and able to project or spread an appropriate substance - called "extinguishing agent" - to put a small fire out.

Extinguishers are distinguished between those exclusively used by firefighters to those for the public.

Fire extinguishers must be visible or pointed oud, accessible and strongly fixed. When they are several extinguishers, the maximum distance between two devices must not exceed 15 meters.

The correct behavior for a maximum home protection is to purchase fire extinguishers or an extinguishing devices and place them in high-risk rooms.

A fire dies out:

• With a glass of water in the first minute

• With a bucket of water in the 2nd minute

• With a ton of water in the 3rd minute

The longer we wait to extinguish a fire start; the more resources are necessary to stop it.

Fire extinguisher 6 kg powder

This range of extinguishers is available in several versions: 1kg, 2kg, 6kg and 9kg

It also exists in Permanent pressure or Auxiliary pressure versions

This ABC powder composed mainly of phosphate or ammonium sulfate can be used on all kinds of fires. Usually found in boiler rooms / Parking / workshops but especially among private individuals.

Its action: it acts in two ways by smothering the fire and isolate the flammable.

The powder has no cooling power.

Ammonium salts have the property of melting under the heat effect and form a solid crust on the surface insulating them from the air. That's what makes this powder usable on A, B fire class.

You can buy on our dedicated page: 6 kg powder extinguisher

Co2 extinguisher 2 kg

This extinguisher is most often used on electrical fires.

The Carbon dioxide has the particularity to go directly from a gaseous to a solid state when it’s subjected to high temperature.

Its action: it forms a gas cover that cools and smothers the flames.

The CO2 goes out of the extinguisher at a temperature of around -78 ° C

If you want to get one, go to the page: Co2 extinguisher 2Kg

6 liters Extinguisher with Sprayed water with additive auxiliary pressure

Its action: it cools on A Class fires (wood, paper, fabric, solid material fires) thanks to the small water droplets vaporized and absorb the heat at the contacts the fire.

Extinguisher recommended for tertiary activities: Office space, offices, homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, theaters, cinema, clubs, etc ...

We will generally use for this activity extinguishers with 6 liters of water or 6kgs of powder regarding the predominantly fire kind on the local concerned.

We can sell you on this page: 6L extinguishers

Customization of extinguishing devices

A Fire design extinguisher is manufactured from a fire extinguisher tank. However, it’s not red and not mentioning the written legal notices in white, we cannot give it the name "extinguisher".

A Fire design has exactly the same extinguishing capacities as a classic extinguisher. However, it has a 10-year warranty and a free refill (not offered for commercially extinguishers).

It also offers a whole panel of colors and patterns to suit your interior.

Feel free to browse our website to find what you need.

The Extinguishing devices are not suitable for establishments receiving public (ERP).