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Our secure payment by Credit Card


You can pay by MasterCard , Visa or American Express Card.

For maximum safety , we partner with a reputable platform for secure payment. The security is via encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer ), the most reliable and most widespread on the Internet .

Fire Design secures transactions with Caisse d'Epargne. We use SSL encryption that encrypts all your personal data at the time of entry . This payment solution ensures your Internet transactions : its logo assure you absolute confidence in our site. No credit card number is stored at Fire design .

Two other indicators can be sure that our site uses a secure connection at the time of payment:

The symbols indicates that your transaction is secure , you can fill your form in any
the http: // of the website address is https: . // ( "s" stands for secure )


Payment by Paypal



PayPal is a secure payment solution known worldwide and used by tens of millions of people.

PayPal lets you pay your order with just your email address and password. Your bank details are as attached to your PayPal account, allowing you to pay at all dealers offer this payment method , including Fire design .


Payment by bank transfer



If you wish, you can also pay by bank transfer.

Please note that this payment may result in your order processing time .

Your order will be taken into account from the time your transfer will be visible on the bank account of the company Fire design .

Payment by check



If you live in France , you have the option of paying by check.

Please note that this payment may result in your order processing time .

Order of Cheque : Fire design

Then send your check to our office : Fire design - 35 Marin Avenue - 94500 Champigny sur Marne - France

Upon receipt of your check, it will be deposited in the bank and your order will be processed from the time or your check has cleared .